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"From concept & design through to production & delivery"

We provide a complete bespoke candle and diffuser development service from your initial concept through to delivery. Our extensive  research & development  ensures that every one of our candles meets industry standards, as well as our own testing protocols. This ensures that your customers will be able to enjoy a candle that is  clean burn & has no funnelling - maximising their enjoyment of your fragrances.

We are able to efficiently manufacture in small batches of 200 pieces per fragrance through to batches of thousands.



We ensure the candle emits the best fragrance performance for your formulation, whether cold or lit,  we are able to  supply the fragrance - we work closely with a number of UK & European fragrance companies - or you can supply your own, in which case we will formulate the wax and wick with your fragrance to provide optimal performance.


To ensure the best, cleanest burn. At Canova, we recognise that the perfect wick needs to be selected for every combination of fragrance, wax formula and container in order to produce the cleanest-burning candle with full consumption. We stock over 100 different types of wicks, allowing us to select the correct one to bring out the best in your candle.


We specialise in using Soy wax although we are able to produce candles with  other natural waxes or paraffin/mineral wax.  Any suitable container can be filled - scented or unscented, coloured or natural.




Through extensive testing, we are able to offer you a high performance alcohol & odour free diffuser solvent. This formulation has a number of advantages to others on the market.  Firstly when the diffuser is undiffused, the fragrance mixture smells of nothing other than the  fragrance (no chemical undertones or whiffs of alcohol). This will help with sales in both a retail and trade show environment increasing sales. Secondly being alcohol free & having low flammability , it means that their are reduced shipping restrictions and import/export testing.


We source the finest quality reeds direct from the manufacturer. They clean provide diffusion for a long period of time and at special request are available in any colour or size. 


If necessary we will tweak or diffuser mixture to ensure that it gives a clean and consistent throw of the scent.



Any company producing candles for consumer use needs to consider HOW their candles will burn, for both safety and marketability reasons. We understand that achieving an optimal, safe burn and exceeding customer expectations both play crucial roles in repeat sales and brand loyalty.
Our strict protocols for testing and development provide data and expertise to ensure that the product meets expectations.




Our UK and EU container suppliers can provide you with a broad selection of packaging from printed tins to frosted glass in a huge variety of styles. We are also able to provide single colour screen printing from our in house machine.


Our design team can assist in developing your private label candle & diffuser packaging. We have a number of UK based suppliers that between them are able to create any style or finish imaginable. From gold blocked rigid boxes to simple lithographic 4 colour printed cartons.